Monday, September 27, 2010

Colorful Christmas

This is a fun easy Christmas quilt using a method that is so clever and fun you will do many more quilts this way in the future. This was created in Electric Quilt by Kari Morrison using Riley Blakes "Colorful Christmas" line. Kit includes pattern, instructions, fat quarters, and border fabrics.

To purchase kit click picture link below.

12 Days of Christmas Quilt

This is a beautiful Christmas quilt created by Carol Lawson. Carol used Moda's 12 Days of Christmas fabric line and Carlene Westberg's "Meadow Blocks" fat quarter quilting pattern. Finished quilt measures 64" x 72". This is great choice for a beautiful Christmas quilt to add to your Christmas decor, or to give to someone special.

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Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

This is a fun quilted wall hanging for the upcoming Christmas season. Kit includes pattern and fabrics.

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Halloween Quilt Kit

This is a cute Halloween quilt kit that can be used as a small throw or wall hanging. This was created by Myrna Carnesseca.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Chatterbox Quilt

This is an amazing quilt created by our store manager, Myrna Carnaseca. She used a beautiful color combination of blacks, pinks, and whites. It was created using the Great Spirits McKenzie line and the Chatterbox quilt pattern by Ribbon Candy quilt company. Kit includes fabrics and quilting pattern.

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Funky Windows Quilt

This is an adorable bright flannel quilt created by Heather. She used Carlene Westburgs "Funky Windows Quilt" Pattern. Kit includes fabric and pattern.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Hauntings Quilt

This a cute and easy Halloween quilt kit for beginning or advanced quilters using Riley Blakes "Boo To You" line. Kit includes fabric for patchwork, patterns, instructions, applique fabrics, borders, binding, backing, and batting. Pattern and kit created by Kari Morrison.

To purchase Halloween Hauntings complete sewing kit click the picture link below.

Car Seat Canopy

Car Seat Canopy Instructions
Materials Needed:
1 yard and 4 inches of Fabric A (top layer)
1 yard of Fabric B (bottom layer)
Sew-on Velcro (2 inch wide)
A rotary cutter is very helpful, but you can use scissors.
1. Cut both fabrics A and B the same size around 34” X 40”. Some fabric may be a little wider than others. Leaving at least 4 “ of fabric A left.

2. Set aside 4 “of fabric A for straps.

3. Lay both fabrics right sides together. Make sure they are nice and smooth. Cut all corners to make them rounded. You may use a large dinner plate as a guide.

4. Sew around both fabrics leaving about 8 inches so you can turn it right side out. Before you turn it snip the corners to prevent bunching.

5. Press the turned cover with an iron making sure the top layer is slightly over the bottom layer, so it will not show from front.

6. Top stitch all the way around also sewing shut the open portion. Set aside.

7. Cut two pieces 4” X 17” out of your top fabric for the straps.

8. Fold straps in half, right sides together.

9. Sew around all three edges, leaving a couple inches for turning.

10. Turn, press with iron and top stitch all the way around.

11. Sew on velcro. I use 1 1/2" by 2". Make sure the hook side of the velcro is sewed on one end and the fuzzy side sewn on the opposite flipped side so it with attach around the car seat handle.

12. Take finished canopy fabric to attach straps.

13. Find the exact center of the fabric canopy by folding it in half one way and in half the other way.

14. Sew each strap on 2 1/2 to 3 inches from center (leaving about 5 to 6 inches between them).

15. Pin center of strap to center of canopy.

16. Check on carseat to make sure it has the right fit as some may have different shapes.

17. Sew straps onto the canopy. Make a 1" by "width of strap" box around the centered pin.

To purchase sewing kit including fabrics, velcro and instructions click picture link below.