Saturday, September 29, 2012

Super Star!

One of our newest lines on the shelves is Super Star from Riley Blake:

This line is a new spin on a classic Riley Blake look.  I love these color combinations!

Let me show you how great these fabrics look "in action!"  I used the Super Star fabrics with one of our free patterns.  This is the "Robot Strip Quilt" pattern we have available in the shop (free with fabric purchase.)

The finished quilt measures 42" x 60"

Here is the Strip Quilt in the gray/blue/orange combination:

...and (my son's favorite) the gray/blue/tan combination:

I think this is the perfect pattern for these fabrics.  It is an easy pattern and whips up quickly.  What I love about it is that you spend just a few minutes cutting and you're already sewing!  

Come in to the shop and ask at the desk for the pattern.  Grab one of the star prints as your main print and add your five favorite coordinates.  Add a stripe for the binding and you'll have a great quilt for your favorite kiddo.  Which color combination is your favorite??

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Coming!

Mark your calendars and get ready for a treasure hunt as we take a trip around the world!  The next Beehive Shop Hop will be October 17-20

We look forward to seeing you all over those fabulous four days and we have some fun things planned!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Maywood Woolies

Have you heard of the Woolies Flannels by Maywood?  They are gorgeous!

Woolies Flannel

These fabrics look like wool, feel like wool but sew and wash like cotton with no scratchy wool itch.  Woolies flannel is comfy-cozy perfection with classic designs like herringbones, plaids, tweeds and dots in a rich array of home-friendly colors.  Guy-friendly too!

We currently have a kit to make this ready-for-fall quilt:

Split Nine Patch quilt

It is a Split Nine Patch pattern (which if you've never made one, this is a quick pattern that in the end looks more complicated than it actually is!)

Woolies Flannel quilt

The finished quilt measures 55" x 80" which is a perfect "throw" size.  I can already imagine all of those chilly fall evenings wrapped up in this quilt as I read a favorite book.  

Split Nine Patch quilt kit

The quilt kit sells for $82.49 and is available in the shop and also by ordering over the phone:  801-225-3123

Here's another quilt idea using the Woolies.  This one would make a great tv watching quilt for your favorite guy.  (note: this is not available as a kit)

Maywood Woolies Flannel

I love the rich blues and greens!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Help Request

Hello fellow quilters!

This is a possible service opportunity for a local quilter - please read the following letter.  If you are interested or would just like more information please contact Eve:

We are a national Charity with 27 chapters nationwide which was started 53
years ago in Scottsdale, AZ.  The local chapter is Childhelp Wasatch Front
located in Draper.  

One of our events is making quilts to place on our website for sale.  Our
master quilter is ill and we need an interested person to assist us.  We will
provide the material.  Our web master has taken pictures of the quilts we
have and will place them on our website.  

If you know someone who would like to help Children,  it would be greatly

Thank you, David for your interest.

Eve Foussard, President

The Blossom Bag + Kit

Need a new bag for Fall?  I have the perfect one for you AND it's available as a kit!

The Blossom Bag was designed by the very talented Carol Lawson.

I love the details she designed into the bag - the padded straps with the D-rings:

And all of the many pockets - on the back....

 ...and more on the front!  (I can't have too many pockets on my bags -they get filled so quickly!)

The Blossom Bag kit includes the fabric, buttons, metal rings, elastic and pattern - everything you need except the fusible fleece!  The kit is $39.50 and is available in the shop or through ordering by phone (801)-225-3123

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hooterville Quilt Kit

If you have been in to visit the shop in the last few months you may have noticed this adorable quilt hanging right over the main counter area.  I love each of the unique little owls!

The finished quilt measures 46" x 46" which makes a generous sized baby blanket but also would be perfect as a wall hanging!  

Hooterville Quilt Kit from Fabric Mill

This quilt is called "Hooterville" and we do have quilt kits available.  The kit is $53 and as always, is available either in the shop or by ordering over the phone (801) 225-3123.

Quilt Kit

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halloween Spider Apron

Check out this cute spider apron I spotted -

Halloween Spider Apron

The body of the spider is a pocket and the head of the spider is a large button.  So creative!  This pattern was created by Phyllis Dobbs and is available free online here.  Print out a copy of the pattern and bring it in to the shop.  We'll help you gather everything you need!  

Monday, September 10, 2012

His/Hers Aprons

If you're looking for a quick "finish-it-this-weekend" project I have the perfect idea for you:

His/Hers Apron

This is a His/Hers Apron done in some of the Going Coastal fabrics from Emily Herrick (Crazy Old Ladies). 

There's still plenty of time for a few more backyard barbecues before the snow starts to fall, and this would make a great gift.  We have just a few of these cute kits left:

Apron Kit

His/Hers Apron kits are $32.  Stop by or give us a call if you would like to order over the phone (we do ship!)  

We also have just the pattern available if you'd like to choose your own fabrics.  I think it would be a fabulous Christmas gift done in some of the Little Black Dress fabrics  (these are a few of my favorites from the collection)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Halloween Quilt Kit

This is one of our newest quilt kits available:

Gumball Quilt Pattern with Halloween Fabrics

The pattern is called "Gumballs" and is included with the kit.  The finished quilt measures 55" x 65" and the kit is available for $52.50 which includes everything you need except the backing and the batting.  

Halloween Quilt Kit

Stop by the shop or give us a call if you'd like to order over the phone!  
(801) 225-3123

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Polka Dot Stitches

 Polka Dot Stitches (Riley Blake) is new in the shop this week.  I'm a real sucker for greens and grays and when you add in that robins-egg-blue my head starts spinning with ideas on how to use it all!

Here is one project idea using four of the green prints and four gray prints:

Polka Dot Stitches quilt pattern

Polka Dot Stitches quilt (measures 44" x 44")
Pattern instructions are available at the shop, free with purchase

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Willow has arrived in the shop!  This is one of Riley Blake's new lines.  I love the soft colors- grays, pinks, yellows and greens:

We have the entire line available as yardage as well as these sweet fat quarters - all cut and ready for your next project!

Here are some project ideas using Willow:

Willow fabric Riley Blake

Willow fabric Riley Blake

Willow fabric Riley Blake

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial from The Fabric Mill Blog

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial
by Trisha Weekes

Materials needed:
½ yard of outside fabric
½ yard of liner fabric
1 fat quarter of choice
*optional-2 yards of jumbo ric-rac

note:  please read through all steps before beginning any project

Step one:
Start by squaring up your fabric, making sure you have 2- 18”x42” rectangles (18”x21” folded) removing the selvedge edges.

From the fat quarter cut 2- 4”x22” strips, these are for our handles.

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Step two:

(a)  Fold the 4”x22” strips in half lengthwise, right sides together. 
(b)  Sew a ¼” seam lengthwise down both strips of fabric. 
(c)  Open and Press seams.
(d)  Turn each strip so right sides are out. 

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Press so the seam is running down the middle, turn over and top stitch ¼” on each side of the handle. Repeat until both handles are complete.

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Step three:

Pin handles onto the top outside of selected fabric, at 8” in and 14”in from the side. You want the seam on the handle to be facing the liner fabric. Fold fabric over and using the first handles as a guide pin the other handle to the other side. Then place the lining fabric to the outside of fabric (right sides together) and sandwich the handles between the two fabrics. 

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Pin, then sew a ¼” seam along the top of both fabrics, back stitching over the handles to secure them between the two fabrics.

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Step four:

Open and press this seam, then fold the fabrics in half lengthwise (right sides together still). Liner fabric facing liner fabric and outside facing outside. Sew a ¼” seam down the side.  Open and press this seam. 

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Fold back over the outside fabric (so the right sides out), line up the raw edge of the outside with the bottom of raw edge of the liner fabric (wrong sides together). At this step you have the option to add a heavy interfacing to the bag, we've left it out of our bag. Sew a ¼” seam around the bottom opening, just the two layers not the four total layers.  Then zig-zag stitch the raw layers to prevent fraying.

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Step five:

Now we're going to create the border at the top of the bag, by shifting the two fabrics about 2”. By doing this it creates a unique layer, we get to see the liner fabric at the same time as the outside, but also creates the bottom of the bags guides and seams. 

*Please note: that with my fabric, the liner fabric as seen from the outside of the bag is going the right direction, but when looking down into the bag it is upside down. If you have chosen a directional print you will need to sew your liner fabric upside down in the previous steps as well*

Step six:

Open up the bottom opening and fold it on the seams, fold in the ends like you would a present, forming a triangle on both ends. 

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

With a ruler and pencil we're going to mark the sides- line up the ruler with the triangle to the top of the bag and make a light line. Do all four sides; after the first two, flip it over refold triangles and draw lines.

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Fold and sew an 1/8” seam down each of the lines drawn.

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Step seven:

Fold the bag in half horizontally, lining up side seams and handles. Turn the bag inside out so the liner is facing out.  We're going to sew up the bottom- line up the fabric (should be the outside fabric folded over, no raw edges). 

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Sew a ¼” seam, then zig-zag stitch to reinforce the bottom.

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Step eight:

Open up the bottom seams again, with the triangles poking to the outside of the bag. Along that seam you're going to sew, this will create the bottom sides of the bag. Repeat on the other side. 

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Next we'll fold in the triangle and following the seam we'll stay stitch the triangle in place on the bottom of the bag. Repeat on the other side.

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Step nine:

Back up to the top of the bag, we're going to top stitch (¼”) around the top and top stitch the handles down to the bag. 

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Next stabilize the handles by making X's as shown in the picture. 

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

The ric-rac is optional, if you want you can leave it off. To add the ric-rac, line it up with the outside/ liner seam starting at a side, stitch through the middle of the ric-rac securing it to the bag all around the bag.

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Step ten:

Give this bag to a kid, who is willing to go door to door and ask for a trick or a treat! Enjoy a bag full of treats!

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial