Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jack’s Blocks Quilt Kit

One of our newest kits is this cute crib-size quilt is made using fabrics from the new Northcott line “Robotex” and a pattern called “Jack’s Blocks.” 

Jack's Blocks quilt kit

These fabrics are all boy- robots, gears and tools!

Robotex fabric Northcott Mint Blossom

The Jack’s Blocks quilt kit is available for $40.95.  Finished quilt measures 42” x 55”

Jack's Blocks crib size quilt

The kit includes everything except backing and batting.  The Jack’s Blocks pattern is included in the kit but is also available separately.  (The pattern also includes instructions for throw, twin and queen size quilts.)

**Kits are available in the shop or also by ordering over the phone (801) 225-3123**

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fourth Friday Follower Giveaway!

**Giveaway is now closed.  Be sure to check back on the the next 4th Friday for our next giveaway!**

Welcome to the 4th Friday of the month and a new thing we’ll be starting.  It’s called the “Fourth Friday Follower Giveaway”. 

Every 4th Friday we’ll be having a giveaway here on our blog.  Each month it will be something different – this month we are giving away a $25 gift certificate to The Fabric Mill! 

To enter:  If you’re not already a follower, become one and then leave a comment on this post.  We’d love to hear what fabric line you’re looking forward to working with next!  That’s it!  Do those two things and you’ll be entered to win the $25 gift certificate.  Giveaway closes Thursday, January 31 at midnight.  Winner will be chosen at random and announced here on this blog Friday, February 1st!

(note:  If you are a no-reply blogger be sure to leave your email address in your comment so we can contact you when you win!)

Bugged Out!

Do you know a child that LOVES bugs?  We have the perfect fabrics and quilt kit for you!  

"Bugged Out"
Bugged Out quilt kit

This cute quilt uses 14 different bug fabrics which means there are plenty of bugs and little critters for your kiddo to "spy."  

bug quilt

The finished quilt measures 44" x 50"
This kit includes the quick and easy pattern and is priced at $37.00

quilt using bug fabrics

These kits are available in the shop or also by ordering over the phone (801) 225-3123

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Noteworthy fat quarters

Noteworthy (Moda) arrived in the shop last week.  This is yet another fantastic line by the Sweetwater folks.    I find these bright, cheerful colors just what I need right now.  These gray January days are starting to drag me down!  

These stacks of fat quarters show just some of the prints available in the Noteworthy line.  We have the entire line at the shop.  Stop by and let these lovely colors warm you up!

Noteworthy fat quarters

Coming up on Friday:
It's time for another giveaway - and you're not going to want to miss this one!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Black / White

Anyone else remember those jokes from grade school that went something like: "What's black and white and red all over?"  It seems like there were several punch lines to that joke yet I cannot remember any of them.  Do you?  One of them had to do with a zebra, or a newspaper??  Grade school was a LONG time ago!

We have many black and white fabrics in the shop right now and any combination of them would make a stunning quilt.  

Here are just three of the lines:

Mama Said Sew (Moda)

Mystique (Riley Blake)

Little Black Dress (Moda)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Toy Bag & Play Mat Tutorial

As a mom I’m always looking for ways to keep my home clean and organized and kids toys have always stumped me. I’d organize their toys and then get frustrated when they didn’t put things back where I assigned. Guess I’m a little too organized, but the thought of a “toy box”, a free for all dumping ground for toys makes me break out in a rash. Anybody else? This is my solution- A toy bag that converts to a play mat and then back to a storage bag. Since making this one for brick building blocks (aka Legos), I thought this could work for so many other toys; especially ones with small pieces. You could even make small individual play mats, 18x18” would be a perfect fun size. Constructing it would be the same just smaller measurements. I’ll have to play with that and then let you know, on with the tutorial-

Toy Bag and Play Mat tutorial - great for Legos!

Toy Bag & Play Mat Tutorial
Trisha Weekes

Supplies Needed:
42-44” of 2 Fabrics (depends on your WOF (width of fabric) without selvedges) Measure that, and then get that amount in inches, LOF (length of fabric).
1/3 yard of fabric for drawstring casing
4 yards of 3/8” Cording
4 2/3 yards of Fusible interfacing for light weight fabrics (or less if you only want it on the liner fabric)
Step 1-
Square up the fabrics and remove the selvedge from all fabrics.

drawstring toy bag tutorial

Next, we’ll iron on the fusible interfacing to the fabrics designated for the bag body.

*Note- I decided to apply the fusible interfacing because the bricks have sharp corners and I thought it wouldn’t take long to wear a hole in the fabrics. You can apply it to only the liner fabric or go without entirely, it’s up to you. Also the interfacing isn’t as wide as the fabrics even doubled, so it’s still a good inch or two shorter. I’d make sure my interfacing matched in the middle instead of on the sides of the fabrics. (As shown in the photo)
drawstring toy bag tutorial
Step 2-
Now we’re going to cut out our circles for the bags. The way I decided to do this step was, fold the fabric into fourths, pin a string to the folded corner and take a string to the edge parallel to it. I marked the string; you can cut if that works for you, I didn’t want to cut this string because it was for another project. Then I took my fabric pencil and held it to that mark on the string and then guided it from corner to corner, allowing the pencil to drag on the fabric. I did have to hold the corner with the pinned string, pull the string tautly with the other, and then proceed to make the mark. This worked for me; any other suggestions for this step are welcome. Then cut on the line made by the pencil.
drawstring toy bag tutorial

drawstring toy bag tutorial

My circles ended up being 42” round. I cut out the first one and then just laid it on top of the other folded square to make sure they were the right size.

drawstring toy bag tutorial

Step 3-
To make the casing for the drawstring, cut up the third of a yard of fabric into 3” strips, you should get 4 strips out of the third yard of fabric. Remove the selvedges, if you haven’t already.

drawstring toy bag tutorial

Then sew the strips end to end. Once that’s done, quickly measure the full circle by laying the strips on the circumference of circle and then cutting the strip to fit the circle.
drawstring toy bag tutorial

Turn a ¼” hem on each of the short ends.
drawstring toy bag tutorial

Then fold in half lengthwise and sew a 1/4” seam the length of the casing.

drawstring toy bag tutorial

Step 4-
Pin casing to liner fabric, sew using a ¼” seam. (You will have a 1” gap on the casing, but this is fine and needed for the drawstring to work properly.)

drawstring toy bag tutorial
Then lay the two circles on top of each other, line them up and pin- right sides together.

drawstring toy bag tutorial
Sew a ¼” seam all around both circles, leaving a 10-12” opening for turning, opposite the opening for the drawstring.
drawstring toy bag tutorial

Step 5-
Sew closed the opening used for turning the fabrics.

drawstring toy bag tutorial

Pin, then topstitch close to the edge, all around finishing the body of the bag.
drawstring toy bag tutorial

Step 6- (is optional but highly recommended)

Sew on the folded lines of both circles, from edge to edge, making the 2 pieces a united whole. That way when you wash the bag shifting will not be an issue.

drawstring toy bag tutorial

drawstring toy bag tutorial

Step 7-
Thread the drawstring through the casing, starting at one end and going full circle until you come out the other opening. To do this I attach a large safety pin to the string and guide it through the casing gathering it up as I go.
drawstring toy bag tutorial

Step 8-
Make a knot in the drawstring and be finished! Or…
I made a little tag, inserted the ends and sewed the tag closed. I went back and forth a few times to ensure the string would not come out. It’s your choice. I like finishing details that make handmade items look like retail items. The tag sews like this: take a 3x3.5” piece from the strips used for the casing. Make a ¼” hem on the longer end, then fold in half and sew a seam down the side and bottom. Trim thread and corners, then turn right side out. Insert ends of string into tag and sew the tag closed.

drawstring toy bag tutorial

drawstring toy bag tutorial

drawstring toy bag tutorial

I hope this tutorial will help you with some of your toy frustrations; it’s certainly made a difference with mine! I love how the drawstring acts as a barrier to runaway toys while in play.
drawstring Lego play mat tutorial!

drawstring Lego play mat tutorial!

drawstring Lego play mat tutorial!

It’s so easy to clean-up, here is my four year old closing up the bag!

Toy bag and play mat tutorial