Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pennant Banner Tutorial

Meet one of our new blog contributors - Trisha Weekes!  Trisha blogs over at  She created this charming summertime pennant banner for our shop display and is sharing her tutorial with our blog readers!  

Pennant Banner Tutorial
by Trisha Weekes of

Finished length-3 yards/ 9' long

Supplies needed:
22- 5" charm squares or assorted fabrics cut into 5" squares
1 package of 1/4" or 1/2" double fold bias tape (your preference)

Other general tools needed: 
Sewing machine, thread, rotary cutter, cutting mat, straight pins, scissors, bone folder or turning tool.


1-If not using precut charm squares, cut your assorted fabrics into 5" squares, using rotary cutter and mat.

2-Take each 5" charm square, fold diagonally right sides together, opposite corners, creating a triangle. Pin at corner, set aside until all are folded and pinned; or transfer folded triangle to the sewing machine and proceed with the next step.

3- Sew  1/8" seam allowance from pinned corner to folded corner, back stitch at the beginning and end.

4- Trim folded tip at an angle, cut loose threads.

5- Open the seam, iron or finger press open. Center the seam down the middle of triangle, creating a kite shape.

6- Turn inside out and with the bone folder push out the point of the pennant.

7- Fold over and tuck in the flap at the top into the triangle pocket, still centering the seam down the middle of the back. Pin and set aside until all are pinned.

8- Arrange the pennants in the order you would like them to appear, alternating prints into a repeating pattern. (This picture shows them already chain stitched together.)

9- Using a 1/8" seam allowance, sew along the top of pennant, closing the pocket. Chain stitch all the pennants together, leaving  1/2" -1" of thread in between pennants.  Make sure each back seam is facing down as you sew.

10- Open the double fold bias tape, leave 10-12" for hanging ties at the beginning and end. Insert pennant, fold back over the bias tape and pin each pennant in place, again making sure all the back seams are in the back. The chain stitch should help you make the space between each pennant more even, if not cut and pin as you desire.

11- Starting at the end of the bias tape, make a 1/4" seam allowance down the length of the bias tape, making sure to enclose each pennant into the bias tape.

12- Hang and enjoy!


  1. Nice post:) it looks awesome and colourful:) off-late Fabric Displays are most popular methods, its colors and design grabs the people’s eyes and it can be viewed from far distances also:)

  2. so cute! What is the finished size of one pennant?