Friday, July 6, 2012

Lucy's Crab Shack Charm Quilt

I am always on the hunt for new ways to use charm packs - how about you?  Here's a great little pattern that makes a 35" x 35" quilt - a perfect size for a new baby, or to use as a table topper for your dining room.  We have everything you need to make this same quilt here in the shop!

Charming Lucy Quilt Pattern

Charming Lucy quilt pattern
designed by Andy Knowlton of

For this baby quilt you will need:
1 Charm Pack (Lucy's Crab Shack shown)
5/6 yard solid fabric (Kona Snow shown)
1-1/8 yard backing
1/3 yard binding
37" x 37" piece of batting

From the solid fabric cut:
5 strips @ 2.5" x WOF -- subcut into 2.5" squares (you'll need 72)
3 strips @ 2.5" x WOF -- subcut into strips that are 2.5" x 9.5" (you'll need 12)
4 strips @ 2.5" x WOF (these are the horizontal sashings)

From the charm pack choose 6 of the charms that will have the least amount of contrast to your solid fabric (or choose your least favorite ones.)  Set these aside - we will not be using them.

For each charm square you will need two 2.5" squares.  Place smaller squares in the opposite corners of the charm square.  Sew a line from corner to corner across the smaller square as in the photo below.  If you prefer (and to help with accuracy) you may first draw a light pencil line diagonally through the smaller squares to use as a stitching line.

Lucy's Crab Shack Charm Pack

Trim about 1/4" away from stitching line:

Lucy's Crab Shack Charm Pack

Carefully press corners to the outside being careful not to pull or stretch the square:

Lucy's Crab Shack Charm Pack

Arrange blocks into sets of four and piece together as shown below:
(sew the top two together and the bottom two together.  Press seams open.  Then sew the top half of the block to the bottom half of the block, matching the center seams.  Press seams open.)

Charming Lucy Quilt Pattern

Using the diagram below, assemble blocks into rows using 2.5" x 9.5" strips as sashing.  Press seams toward sashing strips.

Sew rows together using 2.5" x 35.5" strips as sashing between rows.  Press seams toward sashing strips.

Charming Lucy Quilt Pattern

Baste, quilt and bind as desired!

Charming Lucy Quilt

[You can download or print the free quilt pattern here]


  1. So Cute. I bought this fabric and have been wracking my brain on how to use it!

  2. Thank you for the instructions for making this adorable quilt!!