Friday, February 7, 2014

Things are always changing!

Well we all made it through January ok, didn’t we?  There were a few days of rough weather, but we're already in to February and it's rolling along quickly!  Don’t worry, there’s still time to get those projects done in time. 

Since I showed you the Valentine Display here and here we have added even more to the display.  Things are always changing around here at the Fabric Mill! 

First of all, this adorable burlap heart wreath is adding it’s charm.  I love seeing new uses for the printed burlap that we have in stock.  This would be a quick décor project!

Burlap heart wreath

We also added another sweet Valentines quilt to the hutch-

valentine quilt - gray, red, pink and white

The quilt pattern calls for rows of raw edge appliqued circles, but the very talented Hailey swapped out one of the circles for a sweet red heart – very clever!

quilt from Geared for Guys book

I love when unique details like this are added to quilts!

raw edge heart applique

The pattern for the quilt comes from the Geared For Guys book by Emily Herrick which we keep in stock!

valentine quilt

Another addition to the Valentines display is this Sweetheart Apron designed by our very own Carol Lawson

valentine apron  - The Sweetheart Apron

There are so many delightful red/pink/white fabrics in the shop right now!

valentine apron  - The Sweetheart Apron

Have a great Friday and we'll see you soon!

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